At Eagle Maritime we are known for our flexibility to serve a wide range of industries and to adapt our solutions to their specific needs.  Since 1999 we have been dedicated to provide affordable, safe and uncomplicated freight forwarding services, international logistic and consolidation services to both businesses and individuals in the United States and overseas.


As a result of our unmatched insight, strategic partnerships and the business relations we have developed over the years, we are known as the Caribbean experts, with emphasis in Trinidad and Tobago and also in the rest of the Islands.


We offer a multitude of shipping options including ocean, air, rail, and inland to fulfill our customers’ cargo needs, including volume, weight, permits, as well as time frames, destinations and logistic needs. For our customers in the commercial sector we offer ocean freight solutions for Full Container Loads, Less than Full Containers, Break Bulk, and RO/RO to list a few.


Whether you need new equipment, parts and accessories for a manufacturing plant, or sporting, leisure and recreation equipment for the hospitality industry, medical and pharmaceutical products for hospitals or the medical industry, or other commodities, we are equipped, experienced and ready to deliver your goods intact and on time at your desired location.

Call us and discover how our team of fully licensed NVOCC

& freight forwarder experts has earned such a leading reputation!


Backed by an experienced team, a large bonded and temperature controlled warehouse in Trinidad, a secure warehouse and distribution center conveniently located in Miami, Florida, and strategic partnerships internationally, Eagle Maritime is a leading and reputable freight forwarder serving the industry for nearly twenty years.


For our customers in the industrial sector, we offer freight forwarding options that are tailored to their needs, and designed to meet their unique specifications in terms of time frames, logistic and distribution needs, as well as documentation, permit handling and custom validations to list a few.


Whether you need agricultural machinery, road building machinery, heavy and industrial equipment, construction equipment, generators, or specific tools and equipment, we invite you to contact us and speak with an expert that will develop the perfect solution to fit your budget, and that will ultimately result in a successful delivery to your desired destination.

Either by air, ocean, inland, or rail, at Eagle Maritime we have endless options

& freight solutions to meet every one of your needs!

Seafood, Meats & Poultry

For nearly 2 decades our customers have been trusting us to deliver their goods ranging from machinery, vehicles and trucks, to hazardous material, industrial equipment, specialty food items, wine and spirits, seafood, meats and poultry to list a few.


Our freight forwarding solutions can be customized to meet your unique needs, and depending on your location we can offer same day deliveries, second day, overnight or economy options.


If you are a restaurant chain, in the hospitality industry or a food service operator, at Eagle Maritime we can bring your preferred food items and ingredients so your patrons can choose their favorite options from a delectable menu.  From oysters, to stone crabs, salmon, tuna, to a delicious prime steak, we can deliver the selection that will meet your needs and impress your customer base.


Our frozen or chilled services are offered for ocean and airfreight, all backed by an experienced staff, with an unwavering commitment to bring your perishable goods in the optimal conditions they demand.

Quality and reliability every step of the way…!

Dairy & Specialty Food

At Eagle Maritime we understand that finding the right business partner makes a difference!  This is why we are a company that is customer oriented and only dedicated to provide excellence in freight forwarding, shipping, logistics, warehousing and distribution services consistently.  We take pride in mentioning that we have been doing it for nearly 20 years!


Our customers seek us as a result of our arduous work and unwavering commitment to handling, processing and delivering their goods as if they were our own.  For years they have been trusting us with their precious cargo, which can range from the most simple to the most fragile and intricate products requiring controlled conditions, delicate handling as it is in the case of specialty foods, collectible wines, medication and dairy products to list a few.


From yogurts, to delicious cheeses, to dairy products, we have the experience, the capabilities, equipment and facilities to successfully handle the most unique requirements our customers bring us, and we manage to exceed their expectations regularly.  This is why we have earned a world-class reputation!


If you are a grocery store, supermarket chain, in the hospitality industry, restaurant industry, or a food service operator, we look forward to becoming your trusted partner, and to helping you succeed with a great selection of fresh products in your establishment.

Our team can effectively, efficiently and competitively handle & of your needs!


Are you a wine collector interested in importing fine wines into the Caribbean? How about getting your favorite and most exquisite Bordeaux brought to you?

Are you a hotel chain, restaurateur or in the food-service industry and thinking of a full bodied and delicious Malbec to serve to your patrons?  How about a delicious Riesling to pair with a refreshing salad on a hot summer day?


Whether you are interested in transporting a crate, a pallet or a full truckload of your favorite wines and spirits, at Eagle Maritime we are equipped to assist you import and transport your delicate cargo directly from the US to your desired location or facility, and impress your loyal clientele.


Since 1999 our team of experienced professionals has been assisting our customers in a diverse range of industries, with all of their freight forwarding needs no matter how simple or complex they may be.  From customized logistics, to controlled temperature warehousing and distribution, we offer complete solutions and competitive rates coupled with superior services, all to ensure that your goods arrive safely and dependably every time.

On time and dependable deliveries is what we do!


At Eagle Maritime our knowledge, insight and experience in freight forwarding, shipping, logistics, warehousing and distribution services for a variety of industries has earned us a top position in our field, and a stellar reputation that we work hard to maintain every day.


For our customers in the pharmaceutical industry, we offer fast and dependable solutions for their delicate cargo which can range from medicines, to vaccines, to medical equipment, all requiring controlled environments, documentations and permits, and safe handling practices.


For nearly twenty years we have served food service operators, the hospitality industry, the medical, commercial, industrial and manufacturing sectors to list a few, and have responded to each of their unique cargo needs in the United States and internationally.


Whether it has been for businesses or individuals, our company has and continues to consistently find the best solutions to maximize efficiency and minimize cost to our customers, without compromising the quality, safety and speed of our services.


If you are located in the Caribbean, and are in search of an experienced freight forwarder, that is qualified to handle and deliver your products on time, you have come to the right place.

At Eagle Maritime, we are capable of exceeding even the strictest requirements!

Dry Goods

Our people make the difference!  For almost 20 years, customers have been coming to us in search of a reliable freight forwarder that cares for their cargo, and that delivers as promised!  We are proud to say that we have become their preferred partner, and that our commitment to them is what consistently wins their loyalty, which is our best motivation to do better every day.


We specialize in boutique level services to handle, transport and deliver our customers’ goods on time and dependably, both nationwide and internationally, and we are known as the Caribbean experts with warehouse locations in Miami, Florida and also in Trinidad.


We offer numerous and affordable solutions to deliver dry goods to food service operators and distributors, hotel and supermarket chains, grocery and specialty stores, the hospitality industry and restaurant owners to list a few.


Whether you are looking for ocean, air, inland or rail freight options, at Eagle Maritime we are experts in finding the most appropriate services to fit your unique needs.

Call us and let us manage your cargo needs from beginning to end!

Vehicles & Hazardous Materials

At Eagle Maritime we have a solution for virtually any of your cargo needs!  This is why we are our customers’ preferred logistics and consolidation partners, and we plan on continuing to lead our industry for many years.


Our company is a one-stop solution provider that handles your needs from beginning to end.  Equipped with a large warehouse and distribution facility in Miami, Florida, and in Trinidad, as well as a professional team with nearly 20 years of experience in the industry, we are capable of transporting even the most challenging cargo and we do it hassle-free!


We are a licensed and bonded NVOCC with the capacity to transport a wide range of goods including vehicles, SUVs, trucks, heavy machinery and hazardous material, and to serve a wide range of industries such as construction, industrial and commercial, medical, hospitality, automobile industry, as well as food service operators.


From point of contact, we offer the most complete services including pickup, crating, warehousing, loading, transportation, container stuffing, hazmat certifications and the safest handling of your goods nationwide and internationally.

Our team is dedicated to providing efficient, cost effective, personalized attention

& tailored solutions that our customers can always rely on.


This is what an experienced business partner does!

A logistics partner you can depend on!


Eagle Maritime

Services Inc.

Eagle Maritime Services, is an experienced and reliable freight forwarder that specializes in providing boutique style services to Hotels, The Hospitality industry, Distributors, Restaurant chains, Food service operators, Medical and pharmaceutical industries, Automotive industry, Restaurant chains, Grocery stores, supermarket stores, wine collectors,  and consumers in general. Established in 1999, Eagle Maritime Services is a fully licensed and bonded NVOCC and freight forwarder conveniently located in Miami, Florida.


We transport dry goods, chilled and frozen cargo, medical and pharmaceutical products, hazardous material, barrels, containers and vehicles among others to the Caribbean and nationwide.

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